Wallpaper frame-up

Using store giveaways to make custom art is nothing new.  Young House Love did it using paint swatches they had on hand to make Clara’s cute zig zag paint chip art.   A few years ago it seemed like everyone had made a sunburst mirror out of paint sticks.  In my stash of things I had some wallpaper samples from Anthro.  They were too beautiful to throw away! This seemed like the perfect way to use them.

Anthro wallpaper samples

After shopping my frame stash and checking thrift stores I decided to just buy one.  I picked up a frame from Hobby Lobby using my 40% off coupon, it came to about $18 dollars.    At home, I took the backing off the frame and covered it in plain white contact paper I had on hand.  The roll of contact paper was not wide enough but I just made sure to put the seam behind the wallpaper.  Once the back was completely covered, J laid things out in a grid pattern she liked and we glued things down.  We used an Elmers glue stick because we’re fancy.  Once the frame was reassembled, I hung it up.  Easy-peasy!

Anthro wallpaper frame