Top 10 must see attractions in Rapid City, S.D.

9. Storybook Island

Storybook is ideal for families with younger children.  I can remember going to a place similar as a child in Fort Myers, Fl. called Waltzing Waters. Storybook Island features beloved characters and dioramas from fairy tales and Disney classics,  anything from Dr. Seuss to a pirate ship accessible by a wooden board walk. Kids can play in Christopher Robins’ Tree house or slide out of The Crooked House.  Every summer, the Children’s Theater puts on entertaining plays and magic shows in the amphitheater for a dollar per person.  Perfect for little ones who won’t sit for too long.  There is a train ride for an additional charge and numerous special events throughout the year.  At Christmas, the park is completely strung up for the Festival of Lights and Santa and his reindeer even make an appearance.  Anyone eight or younger is sure to love it!