Top 10 must see attractions in Rapid City, S.D.

8. Bear Country

This being a drive-thru zoo means that some days you will see way more of animals than you would like and other days not much at all.  I guess that can be the case at any zoo.  Either way, I recommend going at least once, we had a family membership one year and I would drive the 20-30 minutes outside of town as often as 3 times a month.  Be sure to have plenty of time because you may get stuck in traffic.

Yes….bears sometimes block the gates causing traffic jams.  The mountain goats and bison are my favorite.  I always get a little nervous in the Bear Section, there are SO MANY bears and they get VERY close.  Every spring, newborn cubs no more than two months old are moved into the “Wildlife Center” where you can park and walk around this area of the park to watch them play. Mostly smaller animals are on display in this section of the park such as badgers, skunks, foxes, and otters.  Bear Country is a park any animal lover wouldn’t want to miss!