Top 10 must see attractions in Rapid City, S.D.

7. Skyline Drive/Dinosaur Park

Skyline Drive sits in the middle of Rapid City, high above town.  On a nice evening it can be a great place to view a sunset.  The view of Downtown at night is nice, during the day the Dinosaur Park is worth a look and it’s FREE!   Ideal for younger school aged children, Dinosaur Park has been standing since the 1930’s as a public works project during the Great Depression.  The Gift shop carries all sorts of touristy souvenirs and does have a small concession stand with tables out back.  Across Skyline Drive and up the tall steep staircase is where you find the dinosaurs.   The park features five large dinosaur statues made out of iron and concrete.  The dinosaurs are more cartoon-like than realistic as not to scare young visitors.