Top 10 must see attractions in Rapid City, S.D.


5. Badlands

I can remember laying in bed one night reading a National Geographic magazine, the cover story was on the Badlands.  I told my husband “We have to go there!” and 3 years later we did.  Even if it’s only for fifteen minutes because after having loaded two kids and all the necessary equipment into the van, packed a picnic for seven along with dozen of snacks, setting up the portable DVD player and listening to your kids argue over what movie to watch first, someone with you walks up the smallest sand dune ever (think ant hill) and breaks their ankle.  You have to  load everyone back up after only 15 minutes in the actual Badlands and head back to the hospital (an hour and a half away but only seven minutes from home).  It is still awesome to see in person and totally worth the drive, maybe leave your more fragile kin at home.  The layers of sediment are stunning just after a rain.  Be sure to bring snacks, plenty of water and a tank full of gas, you can always stop at the world famous Wall Drug for provisions!