Top 10 must see attractions in Rapid City, S.D.


10. Main Street Square

A few months after moving to Jacksonville I met a Pilot and we got to talking while watching our kids at swimming lessons.  Turns out he flies into Rapid City a few times a month for work and he had recently gone and was raving about the new  downtown attraction, Main Street Square. The folks that designed the square thought of everything. An ice rink in the winter, amphitheater and movies on the green in the summer with tons of events and Saturday markets in between.

The building adjacent to the Square was renovated into retail and restaurant spaces that includes Who’s Toy House, Que Pasa Restaurant, and Zipper to name a few.  I have spent many afternoons in the square watching my youngest children playing on the splash pad in front of the fountains or at Who’s Toy House (they encourage kids to touch).  Picking out pumpkins at the Pumpkin Fest or watching ice skaters in the winter, Rapid City is very active and family-friendly. It is a walking town that has been made new while remaining charmingly historic.  When I think of downtown Rapid City, phrases like “vintage modern” come to mind.  Recent construction projects have made a great multipurpose community space while respects its roots. Plan to spend an afternoon or evening checking it out, odds are you will be smitten.