Just the pantry!

Cup of Hot Cocoa

Some of the worst projects are the ones that seem to get away from me.  Aside from costing more than planned. they seem to be the ones I like to do the least.  Painting a rental seems to always be on that list.  It stinks to spend your own money to improve someone else investment not to mention the time and mess.  Even though the negatives seem to outweigh the positives, for me painting a rental is a no-brainer.  A fresh coat of paint can make such a difference in the most outdated of spaces.

I never start out planning to paint everything, just the worst walls first.  In the house it started with the food pantry. Even Bear noticed how dirty the shelving and walls were! (#oblivious).  The shelving was removed and put into the bathtub to soak in soap and bleach.  The next day we rinsed them off and set them in the sun the dry.  Back inside, we wiped down all the walls with vinegar and water using a scrub pad to remove any residue.  Once the walls were dry, a fresh coat of paint went up.  I have always liked Valspar and picked up a gallon of paint + primer in white satin sheen.  I figured with the paint + primer I was sure to cover up the black footprints and scuff marks and just maybe I could get by with one coat.


I used Valspar paint and primer.  It worked great!  Mind you the pantry was painted “whitish” to began with.  After two coats the shelving went back in and we started on the laundry closet.  I figured I might as well use up the gallon.  After painting both the pantry and the laundry closet, I had half a gallon of paint left so I turned my attention to little’s room.  Originally it was a light yellowish-green, I thought it should only take one coat (paint WITH primer, right?).  Even with the light ,light color it took two coats.  I had to buy another gallon of paint.  After painting the room and closet I was left with half a gallon.  Plenty for touch ups!  Except it was really gray and rainy, the house felt really depressing. You see where I’m going.  Wall by wall, half gallon to half gallon, I would paint during nap time and most evenings Bear and I would paint together.  Two weeks and $300 later, We had painted all of the great room (living/dining/kitchen) and guest bath.      What a difference a little white paint can make.  Some people would never spend their time or money fixing up someone else house.  Since I am living here, I think it is totally worth it.  Not to mention my landlord loves it!  In my experience landlords/property managers will return your deposits and/or possibly reimburse you if you take good care of their investment.