College Girls’ Sanctuary

Now that #1 is staying put and is attending a nearby university, I have started to think about how to make her more comfortable.  This house is very small and a college-aged girl needs to have a retreat or at least a decent desk and lighting to do all that homework.

When we moved in, Bear and I basically set up a bed.  This room was one of the few rooms in the house that we did not paint.  Mainly because it would have taken two coats of primer and two coats of paint to cover this dark blue.  The navy blue color is not bad and we figured we could live with it as is.

#1 Bedroom before

#1 Bedroom before makeover

#1 Bedroom Before

#1 Bedroom before makeover

As things got moved around, we have tried several furniture arrangements.  Believe it or not, this seems to work best for her.  J has always wanted to have her bed on an angle and hey….it is her room.   So once all the big pieces seemed to be situated I asked her what else she needed.  She is really low maintenance and after living in a dorm for the last eight months, I could have just put a box in the corner if it meant she didn’t have to share a bathroom!  Lo and behold, she did have a few requests:

1. Some type of tray so she could do homework in bed (there is no way to fit a comfy chair in there.)

2. A place next to her bed to put things like a glass of water, maybe her phone.

3. A jewelry rack or place to hang necklaces.

4. A place to get ready in the morning so she doesn’t tie up the bathroom.

5. Art


I am, of course, going to DIY most of these things for little or no money.  I have started on the tray already and have a few ideas for the rest of the list.  I am off to shop the garage!